At Grupo Bel, we believe that social responsibility and environmental preservation means a commitment with us, as persons, and to society.

We defend business practices that translates into a conscious management of values and respect for the environment, aiming that our companies became a national reference.

We grow in a sustainable way, respecting and promoting the environment and society. We’re open to the world around us, promoting partnerships with entities that share our principles of social responsibility and environmental preservation.

01 | What we already do

We are a living force, especially in the centre of the country, where we are mostly present, promoting, local industrial and technological, development as well as creating sustainable employment in the medium term, providing the best prospects for the future.

We maintained in Turquel, without any relocation, the company Futurete, promoting the continuation of the techniques of artisan manufacture of coffee machines and coffee mills.

02 | Our Partnerships

Supporting social, human and environmental causes allow the creation of a fairer future, more developed and better living conditions for future generations. The Grupo Bel is therefore an active member of entities in the area of corporate responsibility.

A team of young people who have created a sustainable online market, combining in one single platform consumers, sellers, suppliers and products. It aims to be a meeting point for all those who want to make their routines more eco-friendly. 

Belmonte project

The Grupo Bel are developing, in Belmonte, in partnership with Planetiers, a project to build houses and communities that are fully in harmony with principles of environmental sustainability.

This project have has mission to be a reference in the way we live today, guaranteeing the comfort and quality of life of the residents, but without compromising the quality of life of future generations.

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