Marco Galinha


It is with great pleasure that I am addressing to you the first message of our Grupo Bel S.A. [Bel Group S.A.].

Our journey, as a group of several companies differing among themselves, has been marked by a joint effort, a continuous dedication and a desire to improve every passing day. I can say that today we are stronger and that we will continue believing in an auspicious and propitious future, because this is perhaps our great mission: to ensure a better future for our next generations, make them believe that there is a greater will and it is indeed possible to solidify the foundations that our companies create.

Inevitably, we are presented sometimes with difficult problems, storms which all companies come across, and yet I must admit, with satisfaction, that I never question our talent and effort to overcome these adverse situations, because we are committed with our customers, employees and suppliers who believe in our work, in the quality of our products, in our desire and endeavour to do more and better.

I wish evermore that the Grupo Bel may hold this unique ability to become a positive influence for our country.

Marco Galinha


Marco Galinha, the 7th son, is born in 1977 in Rio Maior, and spends his childhood and adolescence in Benedita, in the municipality of Alcobaça, Portugal. In 1995, he joins the Technical University of Lisbon in Computer Engineering, choosing not to finish due to his early entry into the labor market – he was 20 years old when he founded his first company. In 2007, Marco Galinha decides to join the Harvard Business School to make a specialisation in Marketing and Management.

In 2011, Marco Galinha is distinguished as Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the newspaper “Região de Leiria” and, in 2014 and 2016, is named “Portuguese of Value” by Lusopress, a press group with a branch in France, which distinguishes Portuguese and Portuguese descendants that they have stood out in the world. In 2015, he receives the AFCEA Medal from the Association for Communications, Electronics, Information and Information Systems for Professionals – “for Outstanding Services”.

“Workaholic” assumed – hates being still – shares a few passions beyond work. He has special interest in sports, including mountain biking and hiking, opera, research and new technologies. From his 16 to 19 years old, he was a high competition cyclist in mountain biking, National Champion and Winner of the Portugal Cup, in 1995.