Distribution and Vending

Grupo BEL has 20 years’ experience in distribution, aligned with its commitment to efficiently serve customers.

Grupo BEL has the biggest concentration of assets in the area  of distribution.

Through more than 20 000 points of sale, the Group distributs all over the country a large variety of products, with special attention to Food&Beverage. In addition to being a distributor, it’s also a retailer of Vending Machines, with a major share of the market in Central Portugal.

Grupo BEL has six companies operating in the areas of distribution:

Bel Distribuição, S.A.: The company, based in Leiria distrit for over 16 years, employs about 100 persons. Bel Distribuição is now a national reference in the area of distribution of Food & Beverage.

Leirivending – Comércio, Distribuição e Vending S.A.: This company specialized in commercialization of vending machines and snacks.

DLP Portugal, S.A.: With the primary objective of importing and exporting supplying high quality products at a competitive price.

SDT- Distribuição, Lda: A distribution company that currently employs, similary to Bel Distribuição, more than 100 employees. Through two distinct poles, one in the Central Zone and another in the Lisboa Region, provides an exceptional level of Food&Beverage products to its customers. It currently occupies second place in the ranking of the leading SMEs in its area of activity (according to Exame Magazine, 2018).

Augusto Duarte Reis, S.A.: Founded in 1957 and located in Lisbon area, Augusto Duarte Reis, S.A. operates in distribution, promotion and vending of Food&Beverage, including import and export.

VASP – Distribuidora de Publicações, S.A.: Founded in 1976 it leads press distribution in Portugal. Over the years it has invested in new business solutions through projects like as VASP Post, VASP Expresso, Distribuição Livreira and Kios Kube.

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