Environmental Responsibility

In Grupo BEL we adopt a responsible and proactive behavior towards the prevention of climate change.

01 | Climatic Changes

Electric Fleet

Grupo BEL has significantly increased its electric fleet, with the company Mistério da Terra S.A. holding one of the most modern fleets of electric cars in the country.

Every year, an average of more than two million km are made with renewable energy. All Administration and Direction vehicles are 100% electric and powered by photovoltaic solar panels.

Energy and Water Consumption

Grupo BEL defends an ecological attitude towards energy consumption. In the distribution companies a strong investment in photovoltaic panels is being prepared so that the infrastructures energy consumption will be provided only by solar energy.

Recycling practices, efficiency in water use and paper consumption are also indicators of the Group’s commitment to efficient management aimed to reduce its ecological footprint.

02 | Waste Management

Resource and Waste Management

The management of resources is one of the most important issues today. The search for solutions that translates into saving means and reducing expenses without compromising the quality of service presented is one of our main objectives.

The Grupo BEL has developed a process of card and plastic reuse in order to defend the environment. In the future, it also aims to adopt a Zero Waste policy, recycling and/or reusing all its resources and waste.

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