Mission and Values


Grupo Bel’s mission is to create companies of value, with values! Those who define us as people with an inalienable ethical dignity, always seeking to guarantee the total satisfaction of our customers, suppliers and employees.

In Grupo Bel we work with people and for people with the firm goal of achieving a solid social and economic development, which is an honorable heritage for future generations and not a burden they have to deal with. 


The values assumed by Grupo Bel represents the principles that underlie and are the basis of our business performance. They are, therefore, our principles of action, the cardinal points that guide us and that prevent us from straying from the path we consider to be ethically valid and responsible.

Integrity and Honesty

Excellence and Trust

Transparency and Rigor

Ethics and Responsibility

Accountability and Rigorous Analysis

Respect and Equality Material

Professionalism and Solidity

Cooperation and Sharing

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