A company isn’t an isolated reality from its surroundings. From this awareness, results the need to support social, human and environmental causes that allow the creation of a more just and developed future with better living conditions for future generations.

We grow in a sustainable way, respecting and promoting the environment and society. We’re open to the world around us, promoting partnerships with entities that share our principles of social responsibility and environmental preservation.

01 | What we already do

We are a living force, especially in the centre of the country, promoting local industrial and technological development, as well as creating sustainable employment in the medium term, providing the best prospects for the future.

We maintained in Turquel, without any relocation, the company Futurete, promoting the continuation of the techniques of artisan manufacture of coffee machines and coffee mills.

Sustainability Report

Therefore, in presenting its Sustainability Report, BEL Group looks to the future as a company that recognises that regarding the SDGs, there is always a way forward in a continuous process of learning by doing, and that tomorrow the BEL Group’s performance will be even more sustainable.

This Report serves a purpose of reflection on the achievement of the goals and objectives that were set and that we disclose here thoroughly and transparently, but, much more than this, this moment represents an opportunity for learning and improvement, daring and ambition.

Plan for Gender Equality

The BEL Group prioritizes equal opportunities and rejects any kind of discrimination, is thus committed to ensuring the promotion and incorporation of a culture of diversity and inclusion based on respect for human beings and equal opportunities.

Aware of the importance of implementing measures that promote gender equality and to demonstrate its commitment to this theme, the BEL Group presents its Plan for Equality for the year 2022.

02 | UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals plays a key role for a modern and balanced society.

The Grupo BEL is committed to contributing to the fulfillment and implementation of the 2030 Agenda, assuming the commitment to develop its activity to achieve the following objectives:

Any matter related to Grupo BEL’s Sustainability must be submitted via email:

03 | Our Partnerships

Supporting social, human and environmental causes allow the creation of a fairer future, more developed and better living conditions for future generations. The Grupo BEL is therefore an active member of entities in the area of corporate responsibility.

A team of young people who have created a sustainable online market, combining in one single platform consumers, sellers, suppliers and products. It aims to be a meeting point for all those who want to make their routines more eco-friendly. 

In 2020, the Grupo BEL established a partnership with Girl Move Academy, an institution that has been training young mozambicans since 2013, providing them with academy studies and internships.

The Grupo BEL welcomed two business management interns, encouraging mentoring in areas such as: financial management, human resources management, project management, marketing and advertising, communication and strategic vision.

The Grupo BEL signed the Corporate Pact Against Violence, which integrates a business network in collaboration with the Gabinete da Secretária de Estado para a Cidadania e a Igualdade and the Comissão para a Cidadania e a Igualdade de Género.

This Pact aims to mobilize urgent responses and support the work of the Rede Nacional de Apoio a Vítimas de Violência Doméstica (RNAVVD).

Pacto de Mobilidade Empresarial para a Cidade de Lisboa

Grupo BEL joined the Corporate Mobility Pact for Lisbon, in which it commits to adopt “measures so that the city of Lisbon has a safer, more accessible, ecological and efficient mobility systems as per the fundamental principles of collaboration, commitment, transparency and security”.

Boas Festas!

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