The growth of the BEL Group has led to the development of its brands and the expansion of its awareness in various geographies and business areas. Every day our companies are committed to innovating in the products and services they offer to an ever-increasing number of people.

AMICIS is a gin that was born, in 2016, from the boldness of a man from the Beiras region with the purpose of providing the perfect experience to celebrate friendship.
The brand joined the Bel Group in 2016 and the following year received the Médaille d’Or 2017 Gold Medal, in the Spirits Selection By Concours Mondial de Bruxelles competition. Since then, it has established itself in the market as one of the gin brands of choice for consumers, consolidating its presence in the national and international markets.

COFFEE BEL is a coffee brand that appeared in 2014, in the Prestige, Espresso and Gourmet ranges, featuring different types of aroma, acidity, body and intensity, adapting to the taste and preference of each consumer.
In 2015 the brand launched itself in the vending machine segment and in 2016 expanded the business to own sales and distribution.

ZENITE  is a Portuguese brand of taps and fittings, with a strong presence in national and international markets, created in 1964.
Distinguished by functionality, quality, design and innovation, Zenite’s main commitment is to satisfy customers with products that meet their needs and requirements, respecting the principles of sustainability and environmental preservation.

POUPANÇA is a brand of the Cash & Carry chain of wholesale shops, owned by Amaral & Filhos S.A., dedicated to the sale of beverages, food products, hygiene and cleaning products. It operates in the national territory through 10 distribution shops and POUPE shops, located in the centre of the country.

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