Research, development and technology are critical factors in the differentiation of Grupo BEL companies.

Grupo BEL – R&D, LdaCompany that promotes research and development in Grupo BEL, developing new ideas and concepts that may contribute, in the future, to change the paradigm of modern societies. The areas where Group has research and development activities include materials, robotics and automation, aeronautics, space and health.


Active Space Technologies, S.A.: In 2018, Grupo BEL became the reference shareholder of the Active Space corporate Group, composed of 3 companies dedicated to design and manufacturing aerospace systems, design and manufacturing of AGVs, and production of insulation materials.

Innovation Center: In 2015, Grupo BEL created the Innovation Center, a research and innovation center, dedicated to development of technological projects, with special attention to creation and filing of patents associated with Group companies’ products, combining creativity, efficiency, research, development and education.

Of the completed projects, we highlight the creation of new channels of profitability from systems of direct sales to the public, including advertising in Vending Machines, as well as the creation of an integrated system that allows autnomous management of orders , end-to-end, from the orders to the delivery to the retailer.

Inovaworks II, Command and Control, S.A.: Have as a misson to provide public and private organizations and other economic operators with innovative software solutions for military and civilian distributed operations managemente, large-scale monitoring and surveillance, large-area environmental modelling and real-time geospatial intelligence analysis.

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