Marco Galinha

“Grupo BEL celebrates its 18th anniversary.

Throughout these years, the history of Grupo BEL has been marked by deep growth and expansion. The Group grew up in the distribution sector, where it emerged as a small company years ago, and expanded its business to new areas of intervention: from the traditional and secular industry, of which Fábrica das Fitas and Futurete are an example, to industry 4.0, of the automation and aerospace engineering sectors. Grupo BEL today is a constellation of companies animated by a purpose of continuous development following the principles of excellence that have made the Group grow sustainably and with a unique level of organisation.

This journey, not without its difficulties, has been followed with the immense dedication and hard work of all employees. Our first word, therefore, goes to all those who have contributed daily and contribute to Grupo BEL being a reference in all its areas of action. To all, our deepest and most grateful thanks.

On the other hand, we also have to replicate and extend our thanks to our customers, suppliers, partners and, also, to all who have shared this journey with us, side by side. The reality Grupo BEL is today would certainly be different without the bonds we have been establishing over time and which are built on trust that goes far beyond commercial relations.

On this anniversary, we celebrate not only the past and the history of the Group but also our wishes for the future. We want to continue the path begun years ago with the renewed desire to build and embrace new challenges: Grupo BEL is not only the work that has been done but will always and essentially be the work to be done.

We proudly assume this entrepreneurship but we also take on the values, that have guided our growth, which are the foundations and principles of Grupo BEL’s action: respect for social, cultural and environmental values gives the Group an ineliminable ethical dimension and an increased responsibility.

Many thanks to all our employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Many thanks to all who make Grupo BEL an even better company!”

“Go as far as you can see, when you get there, you’ll be able to see further” J. P. Morgan

Marco Galinha

Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

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