Grupo BEL supports social institutions and initiatives that contribute to the sustainable development of populations where its projects takes place.

01 | Institutional Support

University Nova School of Business & Economics 

Grupo BEL support the University Nova School of Business & Economics, in Carcavelos- Lisbon, a well known university in Portugal and all over the world. Grupo BEL, contributed to the creation of the only Outdoor Amphitheater of the university.

Grupo BEL prides itself to be one of the honorees of the Mecenas de Honra da Fundação Batalha de Aljubarrota, a foundation set up to preserve, enhance and promote an important part of Portugal’s cultural heritage, dedicated to Portugal’s main historical battlefields. Through this participation, it has been possible to develop partnerships to enhance Campo de São Jorge, with the aim of highlighting an important historical fact and garanteeing the passage of the knowledge related to it to future generation.

Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa

Grupo BEL prides itself to support  Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa – Seia Delegation, a humanitarian institution of public utility with 153 years of history, through a monetary donation that allowed this delegation to buy a new ambulance.

Associação Filhos do Coração

Grupo BEL is one of the partners of Associação Filhos do Coração, an organization that was born out of TVI’s Great Report – Infância Traficada – in 2007. Founded by journalist Alexandra Borges, the foundation has rescued already 93 children and 72 are in charge of the same in a center in the host country.

Grupo BEL is proud to support the Mercearia Social da Penha de França, whose primary objective is to offer essential goods to seniors, people with motor challenges that reside in families from Penha de França, previously identified by social action services.

Aylan Kurdi Caravan

Grupo BEL contribued to Aylan Kurdi Caravan, a Portuguese movement created to collect and transport more than 65 tonnes of food to various refugee camps in Croatia and Serbia. In the year 2016, three trucks with medicines, clothing and toys were sent to the borders, which was the largest private donation in Europe until then.

Virgínia Vitorino

Grupo BEL supports culture and national heritage by investing in the building where Virginia Vitorino was born, one of the most influential Women in Letters in the first half of the twentieth century in Portugal.

Virginia Vitorino born in 1895 in Alcobaça, moved to Lisbon years later. She excelled as a poet and playwright, having published three books of poetry and six plays, reaching in one of her books twelve editions in Portugal and two in Brazil. She died in 1967, in Lisbon, giving name to a street in that same city and in the city where she was born.

Grupo BEL will soon reopen the Café Tertúlia in Alcobaça, preserving its unique history and combining coffee service with the sale of typical national products and cultural events.

Fábrica das Fitas

Following the work that has been developed with regard to Social Responsibility and Recovery of National Heritage, Grupo BEL acquired, in 2018, Fábrica das Fitas, a factory with more than 178 years of history.

Considered as a “Living Museum”, it’s dedicated to the manufacture of a lot of tapes in diferent materials, being the only manufacturer of the famous tapes of Moiré. With a view to the Recovery and Preservation of the National Heritage, the Group has invested in the recovery of the last factory of trimmings in Lisbon, whose history is sdirectly linked to the history of urban development in the area of Amoreiras and to the implementation of industries in this area, where Fábrica das Fitas is one of the last survivores.

02 | Social Support

Support to Mozambique

Grupo BEL expressed its solidarity with the Mozambican people through the donation of clothes to the Associação Portugal-Moçambique after the cyclone Idai. The goods were collected and delivered to the Organization.

Christmas Food Distribution

We believe that the christmas season is special for all of us. For this reason, the Group donated to the inhabitants of Penha de França about 140 meals and 80 toys, in 2017. Also in 2018, offered 3 boxes with food products donated by Grupo Bel employees.

Fires of Pedrógão Grande and Leiria

Following one of the major national tragedies that occurred in 2017 – the fire that broke out in Pedrógão Grande and Leiria and spread to neighboring counties-, the Grupo Bel has joined forces and supported the local communities through the donation of  30 000 liters of water.

Support in Regional Events

In addition to social causes, the Grupo Bel also supports some regional events such as the “Beach 24h Spinning Tour Portugal”, a spinning marathon held in São Martinho do Porto, and the “Circuito de Ciclismo de S. Bernardo” in Alcobaça.

Paralympic athlete support

The Grupo Bel prouds it selves to support the athlete André Venda in the paralympic modality of handcycling. The former federated downhill mountain biker to continue cycling, beginning this new modality that reflect his passion for sport and the personal overcoming that he daily fight.

Boas Festas!

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