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“Our group, as an aggregator of several companies from different areas, has been guided by a continuous desire to improve every day through the common effort of all of us.

Nowadays, we are a strong group and we want to continue believing in an auspicious and encouraging future based in innovation, social responsibility and in the excellence of our products and services.

At Grupo Bel we believe that the future of the next generations its inevitably influenced by how we act today. The subsistence of a company is determined not only by pure logics of management fixed in profit, but also by the commitments and values that are established and shared with the community.

For that reason, in Grupo Bel we are guided by principles of responsible entrepreneurship, committed to people, social development and the environment, looking forward to create a relationship guided by values that inspire us and support an ethnic, transparent and socially responsible management, creating a solidarity wealth that is shared with the community.

We face our problems as challenges and we use the talent and the effort of all of us to exceed them, respecting the commitment we have with our clients, suppliers and employees, who believe in our work, to do more and better every day.

It is ambition of Grupo Bel to consolidate the needed fundaments to create a better future for the next generations and, in that way, we are aware of the social function that our companies can’t fail to assume.

Growth, innovation, competence, trust, mission, initiative, sharing, responsibility, excellence, rigor, safety, ethics, entrepreneurship, values, union, knowledge, professionalism, vision, competitiveness, transparency… are, more than words, dimensions that we assume as inspiration of our companies and as assets of Grupo Bel.”


Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Board of Directors


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Member of Board of Directors


Member of Board of Directors

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