Communication and Media

Global Notícias – Media Group, S.A: Grupo BEL acquired, in 2020, a financial stake in Global Notícias – Media Group, one of the largest Media groups in Portugal, owner of several brands in different sectors, such as:



Learn more about Global Media Group brands here.

Jornal Económico: Grupo BEL acquired in 2018, a financial stake in  Megafin- Sociedade Editora, S.A., brand owner of Jornal Económico, in order to strengthen its business universe in communication as a long-term strategy. Also, it aims to fostering new competencies in all areas of the Group’s operations and provide new synergies among its companies.

Aximage- Comunicação e Imagem, Lda: Acquired in 2020, Aximage is dedicated to elaboration, management and commercialization of surveys and opinion and market studies, as well as data processing and analysis.

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